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SOS Save Our Selves is an email group; to give support to SOS members and share up to date SOS information.  



This list is created for the purpose of providing as safe and confidential as possible a place to share and support each other. Members share their joys, sorrows and pains of recovery from alcohol/drugs or other addictions. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, to support one another. It doesn't matter what stage any member is in, early recovery, or with many years of recovery. When you are in need of support, someone will be there to help.

Each member is unique with his or her own distinct personality and drinking or using history. There will be similarities and differences. I am not better, or worse than anyone else, simply different.

All members will be treated with respect and dignity.

What is SOS?

Religious and Non-Religious freedom is practiced here. SOS is a recovery method developed for alcoholics/drug addicts or other addictions, who want to focus on recovery. 

Some are uncomfortable with the 12 Step recovery method with an emphasis on religion and spirituality. 

Some wish to practice their religion or non-religion with like minded people out side of the meeting. 

SOS maintains that recovery is separate from everything else. Each member is encouraged to develop his or her own recovery program. It is the individual that takes credit for success and accepts responsibility for sobriety and life in general both the good decisions and the not so good decisions. SOS maintains that we are empowered by our recovery and our new life in sobriety.

SOS respects whatever recovery path a person chooses. There is no competition with other recovery organizations.

SOS encourages the use of a scientific method to understand addiction. At the same time, SOS encourages healthy skepticism particularly when the claim is made that one way is the best and only way to recovery.

Each SOS group is autonomous, self-supporting and seeks to avoid outside controversies.

How do members get and stay sober.

In SOS each individual is a unique person and as such, no two-recovery programs are alike. Each member is encouraged to share that individual program with others so that other members can take what they need for their personal sobriety program. If something works, then use it, if it doesn't then search some more to find something that will work.

The Sobriety Priority.

Don't not Drink or Use No Matter What. From that simple phrase one can be helped to curb those cravings and desires in order to keep a clean mind and achieve a healthier state of life.

Members are given support in their quest for sobriety.  We learn about others who have been where we are and learn through personal sharing and from other member's personal experiences.


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If you want to become a part of SOS let James Christopher know you're out there.  If there is no meeting listed in your area, it could mean that there are people in your area who are waiting for more people to come forward and start a meeting.  The way meetings start are people contacting the clearing house and leaving their contact info.  Some cities only have phone contacts, people who will talk to you or meet with you for coffee so please leave your contact info; don't miss out.

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