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"Survey It's here in 2005
Important Survey is Ready

Religious & Non Religious Freedom is Practiced Here.
We are here to provide a Safe Place for Recovery
There is no {One Way}.
We are each different.  We are each Unique.

There is only the way that works for you and that may change over time.

Meeting Guidelines 

Posting Info

Opening a Meeting and Starting a Meeting

SOS Family of web sites

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SOS Save Our Selves Real Time Chats
We are starting over with

We also have the SOS International E-support group. 
To Join SOS --Save Our Selves E-support
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The Official Meeting Times are: All USA 

The Discussion Board - 
allows us to open a topic and follow it through in some detail.

Discussion Board

Meetings are being held on a as need basis.

If you would like to have a meeting please post to The SOS International E-support group

We need people to host a SOS meeting.  Would you like to volunteer? 

Pacific  Mountain  Central Eastern


 -Health- SOS{Living Sober}  

Health-SOS{Living Alcohol/Drug free}  








Saturday   Host--




Pacific  Mountain  Central  Eastern

Support Groups
Are you looking for a support group?

SOS Save Our Selves Support Groups has members in all stages of recovery.  We have new members who came in to see what we are about as well as long time supporters. 

We would like to welcome you to these free-thought groups.  We are free-thought groups in that because we are each unique we have found recovery in different ways.  

I would like to welcome you into a group of people who want to encourage you to find your path to recovery.  

Religious & Non-Religious Freedom is Practiced Here.

SOS Save Our Selves

E-Group was set up to provide support to those people seeking recovery from Alcohol/Drugs.  We also provide up to date information on what's happening in the SOS community. 

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SOS Women Group

was set up to provide support to those women seeking recovery from Alcohol/Drugs.  We also provide up to date information on what's happening in the SOS community.  This Group is set up to meet the needs of Women.

Face to Face Meetings

Yes we do have .  Check to see if there are any in your area.

Att: Jim Christopher. Let us know you are out there.  This is how meetings start.  
SOS Meetings Around The World
Save Our Selves (SOS)
4773 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027

If you want to become a part of SOS let James Christopher know you're out there.  If there is no meeting listed in your area.  It could mean that there are people in your area who are waiting for more people to come forward and start a meeting.  The way meetings start are people contacting the clearing house and leaving there contact info.  Some Cities only have phone contacts that will talk to you or meet with you for coffee so please leave your contact info don't miss out.

Free Help on Web Sites

If you want to setup a web site or need help with one you have up Please ask for help.  If I can't help maybe I could get you in contact with some one who can.